Social Media Marketing Bangkok

Social Media marketing for Business in Thailand

We at Netmediauk Limited the Holding company of Net Media Thailand

are constantly being asked whether Social Media Marketing is right for

business and many argue it's only right for FMCG

( Fast moving Consumer Goods) and is it cost effective considering the

time it takes to do it? and to do it well.

The point of internet Marketing is to get people to know you. If you are more

of a consultative sale the point of SMM is to get more people to meet you.

Every business regardless of what they sell, will see a benefit in it's sales by an effective Social Media Marketing campaign. SMM is also used effectively by companies to run Market Research campaigns which used to be done by MR companies, now forward thinking companies see the benefit in asking people in real time on their  Social Media Marketing pages.

The Internet community is growing and the power is shifting from the advertiser to the people we are more aware as a generation now and we don't believe everything we are told by television, magazines, and radio. We are aware of the impossibly slim female figures posted on magazines, and ladies are now getting a hang on what 'Photoshop' can do for a figure!

Word of mouth marketing has been around for generations however it has never been on a more elevated scale as it is now, your brand can be destroyed in minutes with a viral video or a photo posted online. Geo spatial technology  (mobile phones) means a customer can take a snapshot of a meal and give a review for a person on the way to your restaurant and they can either be swayed to forget your place in the blink of an eye. So regardless of whether you like it or not you need to know what people are saying about you online.

Net media have been doing SMM in Bangkok to help our other websites for 5 years and we are very well connected to all the Social Media sites and we have been using SMM very effectively to help companies with new products, events, and branding.



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