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About us

Who are Netmedia?

Net Mediauk Limited and netmediathailand are essentially one company, that teaches Social media and Search engine optimisation to companies in UK and Thailand.

We know that to get a hosting account and to get a website to first page Google and other search engines costs less than 200 USD a year for multiple websites.

You just have to know where and what to click to effect massive change to you online marketing campaign and this is what I teach to people working from home to large corporations!

Alan Johnston

We have been using Social Media Marketing  online since 2005

We started with contactbangkok which was the largest web directory of it's kind in Thailand. Netmedia was born out of the knowledge gained to create a website with no programming experience (We still haven't) and using social media to get our message heard, now with 15 websites on forst page Google and other search engines, we now teach and help companies to get their website bringing in leads

Contact us for a free website analysis and what S.M.M can do for you and most importantly to manage a digital marketing campaign for your self so not to get stung by Web designers!!


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